Re engineering the Experience of Urban Mobility from Scratch. The OPEN ROAD PROJECT has emerged from such aspirations. In the mission to supply urban users with greater mobility, we are moving beyond the sphere of mere product development. In this initiative, the scope of the work has been expanded to perfection of an all-new mobility experience, envisioned to bring innovative new services onboard as well. Toward that end, the planning, development and other phases of the project have not been limited to the in-house resources of Toyota alone. On the contrary, working through collaboration with the general public, startups, major scale corporations and other organizations, big and small that share the same vision, the goal is to instill an unparalleled degree of freedom in today’s urban mobility. Moving ahead on the strength of constructive thinking, flexible ideas and the energy to succeed where others have failed, we are determined to bring dramatic new innovation to both the realm of mobility, and the future of our cities.

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