Instilling Greater Freedom in Urban Mobility. Back in the days when the motor vehicle was first conceived, it was heralded as the emergence of a truly limitless means of transportation. Compared to that spirited fanfare, what is the situation like now? In a nutshell, cities are plagued by congestion, cramped parking access, noise and other nagging problems. There is no longer a genuine sense of freedom, or liberation, surrounding the domain of urban mobility. Taking this stark reality to heart, we want to use the launch of the i-ROAD as a pivotal opportunity to restore the freedom to mobility in today’s urban environments. To move in that direction, more will be needed than to simply further polish the products themselves. It will be vital, that is, to expand our attention to the entire experience and essence of mobility. The thinking here is clear-cut. Regardless of how well a product may be built, if there is no place to park or charge the vehicle, how can we expect the hardware to furnish us with bona fide freedom?

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